Here at Urban Naturopathy we are very familiar with the struggles of setting up and building a business. Struggles are inevitable, after all, you’re amazing at what you do, but you are overwhelmed with the actual business nitty gritty, I get it. When I started in business many years ago, I had NO CLUE how to run a business! I thought that because I had the knowledge and that was all I needed. OH, how wrong I was. I lost my way many times especially with having young children, my home life was chaos! Yet I persisted, I spent a lot of time working on my self development and business skills and I am now the proprietor of this amazing training academy supporting lots of other mums to build their own empires, while raising a family while still keeping themselves at the top of their to do list!

What I also know is that it can be such a lonely and isolating place to be, especially when no one in your immediate circle understands your vision and don’t have the capacity to help or support you. It can be hard to support yourself and find it overwhelming and sometimes it’s easier to quit than carry on.

It’s at that moment where you can decide you’ve had enough


you can learn how to push through

Well, I’m here to help you push through

When it comes to business mentoring we have a different approach. We don’t promote the 24/7 hustle. We make sure that your well being is the most important thing on your to do list. Yes, I will challenge you to step out of your comfort zone and I will help you make some shifts in your life to help you find the balance. It is all possible.

We focus on supporting you to firmly lay the foundations within yourself first and then your business, by focusing on you first, you will be prepared for the ups and downs of your entrepreneurial journey.

What can you can gain from having a business mentor?

  • Gain clarity on your vision
  • Have someone knowledgeable who can offer a different perspective
  • Gain much needed advice
  • Help you overcome any fears
  • Build your confidence
  • Help you establish priorities
  • They can help you to get unstuck on the many aspects of your journey
  • Someone who has been on the same journey as you

So if you’re struggling at the moment and need some nudging in the right direction, I have been there many times and as a qualified business and life coach I KNOW I can help you kick the rocks out the way so you can be on your way…

So, take your pick



This is a 60 minute intensive session where we laser focus on the biggest problem that you are struggling with the most in your business. Topics can include: organising, passive income, pricing, social media, work/life balance, diversifying your income, marketing, productivity.

Upon booking the session you will receive a questionnaire where you will give me an overview of you, your business and your struggle.

We will then book your session at a mutually convenient time.

Within 2-3 working days of our session you will receive an email from me, this is where you get an overview of our session, your homework, handouts and freebies, some love & cyber hugs to see you on your way.

I Wanna Hold Your Hand!


This is a month long super deep dive into you and your business. It’s a structured programme covering three issues that you’re facing, unpicking them while keeping you motivated and accountable.

  • You’ll benefit from a 60 minute call each week for 4 weeks
  • After each session you will receive an email detailing our conversation and also any homework, handouts and freebies
  • A gift from me which includes a bunch of motivational and holistic products to help you on your journey
  • Discounts on longer coaching programmes

Email Coaching

Weekly £25 /Monthly £99

This is a great option for those who are busy but still need support. It’s also an affordable and flexible option without compromise on my services. Email coaching has the same benefits including handouts, worksheets, accountability, reading recommendations, downloads to help you reach your goals.

To get started on any of our super duper coaching programmes, get in touch!

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