Increasing Revenue as a Holistic Therapist

Increasing Revenue as a Holistic Therapist

There are only so many treatments that you can do in a day and only so many you can do without running yourself into the ground. Now, imagine bringing in more money without much extra effort? It’s definitely possible, I’ve been doing this for years, I encourage all my students and coaching clients to do the same and I’ll show you how you can too.

So, why sell products? Firstly there is MASSIVE scope in this area and there are so many options for you depending on what your core services are.

Do you offer facials? Using a product and being able to sell the products that you use to enhance results is a win win, it benefits your clients and you at the same time.

Do you offer massage? If they loved the oil/lotion that you used – you can sell them a bottle.

Do your clients tell you about particular ailments that they have? You could recommend a product for them to purchase to help them alongside their treatment.

WHen you start thinking outside the box and moving with the times, you’ll see that the possibilities are endless.

Depending on the company that you go with, you may not even have to hold stock and this is perfect if you only have a small therapy room. You’d need a bit of space to hold some products and perhaps some catalogues that clients can take away with them. Some companies will allow you to order on behalf of your client and have items shipped directly to them.

You don’t even have to stop as products used in the treatment. Any products that compliment your services are all a good thing to try – candles, ready made oil blends, small gifts, bath salts, books, additional services such as nutritional support, meal plans. Whatever you can do to enhance your clients life, you should think of the ways you can implement it in your practise.

As their therapist of choice, they will value your professional opinion and trust the products that you use.

I have personally used a range of products within my own business, and being trained as a Naturopath means that I am able to make my own products, however, I prefer offering a choice to my clients so that’s why I signed up as a Neals Yard Remedies Consultant. I can use their products, or I can purchase their oils and make blends specifically for client needs. The flexibility for me is a game changer, plus being a mother of three young children means that I had to consider other ways of bringing in the income. I’m not restricted by a full client list.

I’m sure that the tips above will give you some ideas into how you too can benefit from adding products to your therapy services and increase your income at the same time and if you’d like more information regarding Neals Yard Remedies and how it can benefit you as a holistic/wellness practitioner feel free to get in touch.



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