We are really pleased to be adding CBD oil to our range of products. The benefits of this oil has become well known in the past few years and is increasingly becoming a popular food supplement and people take CBD oil just as they’d take a vitamin to help with their health and wellness goals.

We have in stock two different strength of CBD Oil 3% and 10%

We can guarantee that our CBD oil:

– Is legal
– Contains the legal limits of THC
– It won’t get you high
– It is high quality
– Will remain affordable for all
– 100% Natural

You can purchase here:


What is CBD
Cannabidiol (CBD) is a non-intoxicating cannabinoid found in the hemp plant

What size are the bottles?
Each option comes in 30ml bottles (We will be adding 10ml bottles soon)

How much oil do I need
This differs between each person, but it’s advisable to start slowly and listen to your body. By starting this way, you will be able to determine which is the best amount for you to take

Is CBD Oil legal in the UK
There’s a lot of information surrounding this topic, but yet it’s legal because it doesn’t get you high.

What is hemp?

Is CBD suitable for my particular ailment?
Because of UK legislation we can’t comment on this. We do however offer consultations where we can discuss specifics.

Can CBD help with cancer?
Again, due to legislation, this is not something we can comment on. But I highly advise you to do your research.

If you have more questions, please send us a message through the ‘contact us’ page