Ways To Cleanse and Detox


Cleansing and Detoxing

When it comes to detoxing there are as many ways to detox as there are reasons to. It can be confusing trying to figure out which one is right for you. Before you make a decision, decide what you want to accomplish with a detox plan. Also consider your lifestyle and how you might fit a detox program into your life for a few days. Finally, make sure the program is safe and reputable or work with a practitioner who can hold your hand and guide you through the process and help you work out which options will be the best for you.

#1 Juicing

A juice detox plan generally requires you to drink juice and only juice for several days to a week. Some juicing detox plans actually let you gradually ease into the plan and ease your way out. Juicing is a fairly easy way to detox. You are able to consume calories which is better than a starvation detox diet. And all of those organic vegetables and fruits are great for your body. You’ll be consuming a vast amount of fibre and nutrients.

#2 Tea

There are several tea type cleanses or detox diets. They essentially require you to drink an herbal or laxative tea for several days. The challenge to this diet is the fact that you don’t get to eat anything. You just drink a lot of tea. People tend to lose weight on a diet like this. However, they also tend to gain it back once they quit the diet. They do, however, often work to flush out your kidneys, liver, colon and cleansing organs.

#3 Elimination diets

Elimination diets like a Candida diet, a gluten free diet or a sugar free diet are all great for helping you regain your health. They tend to last a few weeks to several months. This means you need to be committed to the diet. However, once you cleanse your system of the offending food(s) you will be much healthier. These types of diets are best for those who are struggling with poor dietary habits, or if you suspect you have a food sensitivity or allergy.

#4 Traditional methods

Traditionally people detoxed by sweating. Saunas are a wonderful way to detox. You can enjoy a traditional steam sauna. You might also take a look at infrared saunas. Massage helps move the toxins from the muscles too.

Another traditional method to detox is to take a salt bath. Epsom salts are relatively cheap. You can find them in the first aid section. Pour a cup, or two, of Epsom salts into a hot bath. Add essential oils to the bath to add an aroma therapy element to the bath. Bathe for thirty to sixty minutes. While bathing use a loofa or scrub to brush dead skin cells and toxins from your skin. Rinse off.

There are many detox methods to consider. Some are easy, like taking a sauna. Others are a bit more challenging. You might consider combing some methods to receive maximum benefit. Always take care to detox slowly and to make sure you’re healthy enough for a detox plan.

This information isn’t to be taken as medical advice, as always I’d encourage you to learn how to detox effectively from either a course or a practitioner.

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