Will I be able to take clients after I finish an accredited course

  • Yes, you will be able to take your own clients (insurance legally required)

How long will the course take me to finish

  • Our courses are self paced and can take you as little or as long as you need

Are there any deadlines

  • No we don’t implement any deadlines

Can I pay in instalments?

  • Yes, you absolutely can, you’ll find the instructions on each individual course page

Will I receive a certificate?

  • You will receive an e-certificate upon completion of the course, physical copies will cost £10.95 including postage

Do you pay any referral fee if I recommend anyone to your courses

  • Yes we do, we pay £35 per each referral, ensure your friend send us an email at hello@urbannaturopathy.co.uk with your full name

How do I access the course materials?

  • If you pay in full, you will have instant access to the course on the training platform. If you pay in instalments you will have access within 24-48 hours.

Will there be assignments?

  • Through the course you will have quizzes, assignments, field trip recommendations all to help reinforce and support your learning.

Do I need anything extra?

  • On each course there will be a recommended reading list, as well as any equipment you may need. We always try to include recommendations which are affordable and high quality as well as places where you can order from.

I’m from China, can I take your course?

  • Everyone over the age of 16 from all over the world are welcome to take our courses. You may have to check local regulations for their requirements to practise and check insurance companies whether they would insure you.

Do you offer mentoring?

  • Yes, through your course you will benefit from mentoring and once you finished you will have 6 weeks of mentoring to support you in your next steps. We also offer mentoring to other small businesses and practitioners and you can find the details on the ‘work with me’ page

How long does it take to return assignments

  • We aim to have assignments returned to you within 7 working days.

I’m not sure what course to take, can I talk to someone?

  • Yes you can email us or we can give you a call please email us at hello@urbannaturopathy.co.uk

Do you have opening hours?

  • Even though we are an online company, we have work hours. These are 9.30am-3pm Monday to Friday. We don’t work on weekends or public holidays.

I’m studying your course and have a question

  • On the course website, you will be able to send us messages directly or you can email us at hello@urbannaturopathy.co.uk

Are your courses suitable for beginners?

  • Our courses are suitable for beginners

Do you offer any other support?

  • Each course includes resources to help you study from home and self care, you’ll receive these resources upon enrollment

When did you set up the academy?

  • Our academy was set up in 2016 with our first course which was the Nutrition Adviser Diploma

Are you affiliated with any company?

  • We refuse all offers of funding from companies who want us to solely promote their products. We respect our rights of choice and encourage the same with our students. We don’t promote any MLM companies. In our aromatherapy course we include a list of high quality and reputable essential oil companies.

What happens if I miss an instalment?

  • We understand that these things can happen, so please contact us in the first instance so we can help you. Also see the terms and conditions page for more information