How are the courses delivered? They are delivered via email

Are there any age limits? Anyone over 16 can take our courses, check with insurers for minimum age to practise

Can I pay via payment plan? Yes, we accept payment plans – get in touch!

How is my progress measured? After each module there will be an assignment. Towards the end of the course you will be encouraged to do some case studies which are a part of your final assessment

How long do the courses take to complete? There are no deadlines imposed and it’s up to you how long you take to complete

Are there any manuals available? For courses hosted through Thinkific students are able to print each page, this gives the flexibility of choosing which chapters/pages they want to print.

Do I need extra materials? You will receive all the materials you need to qualify, we do however have recommended reading lists on all courses to help extend your knowledge on the topic.

Can I take clients upon completion of the course? Yes you can!

Why are your courses so cheap? With being an online/distance learning course provider we don’t have overheads and this means that we can set the courses at an affordable price.

Do you offer mentoring? From the day you enrol our tutors are on hand to support you. This also extends to two months after your course finishes so we can help you build your business.

I have lost my course materials, what do I do? We encourage you to be organised and keep your course materials safe. If you have lost any materials, we charge £10 per module to be resent. This process isn’t available once you have finished your course. (This is for non thinkific students only)

I am a student on the Thinkific platform, will I have access to it once I’ve finished the course? Yes you will as long as terms & conditions are adhered to

Can I change my course once I have enrolled? We are unable to change courses or transfer to another persons once an enrolment has begun.

Is there a refund policy in place? Before enrolment we encourage individuals to enquire and ask as many questions as they need to. Once enrolment has begun and course materials/log ins have been provided the right to a refund has been relinquished.

Can I share the course materials? No, this is a breach of copyright and strictly prohibited.

If you have any questions that aren’t listed here, don’t hesitate to contact us!