Flower Remedies

Flower Remedies

Bach Flower Remedies are a powerful yet gentle, safe and non invasive approach to health and well being. There are no side effects and suitable for all the family including your pets.

The remedies were founded by Dr Edward Bach as far back as 1920. He discovered that flowers in nature have the ability to affect our emotions positively and the energies from different flowers can remove our emotional pains and suffering. Each plant is directed at a particular characteristic or emotional state.

You may be familiar with flower remedies, Rescue Remedy is a mainstream Bach flower blend, however the flower system goes way deeper than this range. Almost 300 million (yes MILLION!) individual remedies can be made from the 38 flowers in the Bachs remedy system and the amazing part here, is that by having a Flower Remedy Consultation you will receive a truly unique blend to help bring you back into balance.

Each of the 38 remedies discovered by Dr Bach is directed at a particular characteristic or emotional state. To select the remedies you need, think about the sort of person you are and the way you are feeling. For example, if you are the type of person who says ‘yes’ to everything then you would benefit from a blend containing Centaury. Personalised blends contain a mixture of 5-7 flowers remedies

As a Bach Flower Practitioner, my role is to help you to discover the most appropriate remedy/remedy combination for your specific situation.

Flower Remedy Consultations £25
Follow up £20
Both consultations include a 30ml remedy blend

I can make a blend with your own chosen essences and this will cost £10