Fran at Brampton Hills had suffered from eczema for a very long time, after being let down by prescribed medicines many times, her journey brought her to aromatherapy. Studying around two young children, she became a qualified aromatherapist in October 2018 and has her own business offering consultations and makes beautiful bespoke products for her customers. 

Aura Wellness was set up by Hala after she successfully passed our Crystal Therapy and Aromatherapy Diploma courses. Holistic therapies are her passions which lead her to complete both courses while working full time and having a young son. She now offers corporate wellness sessions which helps busy professionals to manage their stress loads and support their overall well being. 

Michelle from Entire Wellness qualified as a Nutritional Advisor through us, she is also a life coach and uses both approaches as part of her wellness toolkit to support women who want to make long lasting changes to their emotional and physical health. You can find her at