Nutrition Advisor Diploma

Nutrition Advisor Diploma

Why Study Nutrition

Today there is an epidemic of health issues that are directly linked to poor and inadequate nutrition and correct nutrition can directly and positively effect many health complaints. By learning the many aspects of the vast topic of nutrition you are putting up the first line of defence when it comes your the health of yourself, family and your clients.

This course is suitable for beginners, it’s also a perfect addition to any therapies that you currently offer as well as being a great source of knowledge for families who want to implement different choices when it comes to the health of their families.

We have over 50 students on this course, and it’s been running for approximately 18 months.

The course includes a comprehensive curriculum, quizzes, videos and a list of resources and book recommendations to help supercharge your knowledge.

To enrol on the course, there are two option. You can view the curriculum and enrol directly through the course platform here

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