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We also do coaching! Sometimes we get stuck, and unsure of a way forward. With our coaching we help you unstick yourself and help you strategise a way forward.  We have two options which are completely led by you and the struggles that you are facing.  SOS £45: This is a 90 minute session over…
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How are the courses delivered? They are delivered via email Are there any age limits? Anyone over 16 can take our courses, check with insurers for minimum age to practise Can I pay via payment plan? Yes, we accept payment plans – get in touch! How is my progress measured? After each module there will…
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Hopi Ear Candles

Hopi Ear Candling Also Known as Thermal Auricular Therapy  Auricular Therapy is an age old approach to health and well being. There are many noted benefits to this therapy including the relief of ear nose and throat issues, promote relaxation and ease headaches and ear pressure as well as stress release. Our Hopi Ear Candles…
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Crystal Therapy Diploma

This comprehensive course will take you through from foundation to advanced, from the history of crystals and how to perform treatments.  COURSE CONTENT Introduction History of Cystals How Crystals Work Choosing Your Crystals Cleansing & Programming Most Popular Crystals Working With Clients Aftercare Crystals in The Home Crystals for Beauty  Making Crystal Infused Products Business…
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Full Body Massage

FULL BODY MASSAGE The most popular therapy  Massage has been used for centuries as an integral part of health and wellbeing. More than just a relaxing treatment, it works the muscles, soft tissue, bones and ligaments to improve the body and it’s functions.  ENROL NOW