Naturopathy is a healing modality which has been utilised for thousands of years. It is still a very popular approach to health and wellness which is used today. The term Naturopathy can be confusing but in a nutshell, using a natural approach to health – is naturopathy. So: nutrition, aromatherapy, massage, reflexology and herbs, are all naturopathic approaches. The aim of a naturopath is to find the root cause of your health complaints rather than just focusing on your symptoms. We do this by asking a series of questions taking into account your physical, mental and emotional health. If you’re a spiritual person, we will also take this into account too. We aim to offer a wholistic service and approach.

Our treatment plans use nutrition as a foundation for your health goals. Alongside this, we will offer advice on aromatherapy, herbs, flower essences, self care, physical therapy suggestions and other healing modalities which are suited to your needs.

Adult Consultation: £60
£5 discount for concessions
Child Consultation: £40

Flower Essences:

Anyone and everyone can benefit from using flower essences. The list of uses for flower essences could go on endlessly, because flower essences address every possible aspect of life along the continuum of birth to death. Essences are helpful during any life transition–birth, for both mother and child; adolescence; leaving home; marriage; divorce; changing jobs; illness; loss of a loved one; preparation for death. Essences address all facets of mental or emotional imbalance: anxiety, depression, limiting perceptions, overwhelming emotions, negative thinking, unconscious urges, grief and loss, post traumatic stress.

Basically, flower essences can benefit anyone wherever they are on the spectrum of seeking inner balance, personal growth, or spiritual awakening.

Flower essences serve well as an adjunct to any modality of growth and healing, and are in fact “prescribed” by many health professionals. The subtle effects of the essences help integrate, sustain and accelerate the affects of other modalities such as bodywork, therapy, acupuncture, recovery programs, spiritual practices, etc. Because flower essences are completely safe and have no biochemical ingredients, there are no contraindications when using essences with either conventional or alternative treatments of any kind. Flower essences shouldn’t, however, be used in place of prescribed medical treatment but can be used alongside treatments.

£30 including 30ml remedy £5 discount for concessions
Flower essences can be blended with your desired remedies for £10 including postage

Food Diary Audit:

The aim of a food dairy audit is to identify where we can supercharge your eating habits to obtain optimum health.
It will include simple and practical strategies which you can implement straight away.

This is perfect if you or a family member:
– Wants to improve their recipes
– Unsure how to make dietary changes
– Have health concerns and want to identify any triggers
– Want to improve health and well being
– Totally confused about nutritional approaches
– Don’t need a full consultation but want to make changes to your diet
For you to benefit from the full audit I will need a 2 week food diary.

£15 per person
A 7 day food diary template will be emailed to you which can be printed
+ £2 if you want me to print and post two copies the food diary template